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Successful Mental Health Awareness Coffee Morning Empowers Students and Promotes Wellbeing

Our recent Mental Health Awareness Coffee Morning was met with overwhelming success, as students and staff gathered to champion mental wellbeing.

The Coffee Morning attracted an enthusiastic turnout, with attendees coming together to raise awareness and destigmatise mental health. We extend our thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this inspiring event.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the culinary talent demonstrated by our students. Attendees were treated to a assortment of treats. From mouthwatering smoothies to a delightful Weetabix cake, scrumptious banana cakes, tempting blueberry muffins, refreshing cucumber sandwiches, and delightful fruit kebabs, the menu was a testament to the creativity and dedication of the students.

The success of the Mental Health Awareness Coffee Morning would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the EKHO collective. This passionate group played a pivotal role in organising the event, demonstrating their commitment to mental health advocacy and fostering a supportive environment for open conversations. We also thank Dr. Beck and Mindful Life Counselling for their essential counselling services, which have been instrumental in guiding individuals on their mental health journeys.

The Mental Health Awareness Coffee Morning serves as a reminder that taking care of our mental wellbeing is just as crucial as looking after our physical health. We urge everyone to continue raising awareness, supporting each other, and creating safe spaces for open conversations about mental health.