Year 7 Open Evening – Thursday 29 September 2022, 5:30pm-8pm.
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Religious Studies


Religious Studies helps you to develop skills such as understanding, empathy, analysis, reflection, application, interpretation, investigation, expression and evaluation. These are vital skills needed in further education and in the modern workplace. This subject helps you to understand and develop respect and tolerance towards people of different religions, race, culture and background.  Whether you go on to study at University or College or out into the world of work, you will meet people from all walks of life with different religious and moral opinions.  Religious Studies will equip you to understand, interact and relate to people in an understanding welcoming and respectful way.  Religious Studies enables you to grapple with ultimate questions and question and formulate views of your own and gives you the forum to express those views while respecting the views of others. The subject also enables you to get a formal and recognisable qualification which is accepted by all universities on any course you choose to embark upon in the future.

Year 7 – Through the L4L curriculum:

  • Worship in Hinduism
  • Who am I?
  • Big Bang Theory vs Creation
  • Religious Pilgrimage
  • Buddhism
  • Faith Study of Islam
  • Sacred writings and Inspirational People (RS Focus Day)


Year 8 – Through the L4L curriculum:

  • Why do sacred texts matter?
  • Jewish persecution and the Holocaust
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Religions in India
  • Easter
  • Religion in the 16th century
  • Science and Religion – Mystery of the Universe (RS Focus Day)


Year 9 – Through the L4L curriculum:

  • Mythical Creation Stories
  • Stewardship
  • Ethics of war
  • Buddhist Beliefs and Practices
  • Impact of 9/11
  • The Hereafter (RS focus day)

RE at Thorns is part of the Key Stage 4 curriculum for students in years 10 and 11, and will be studied within the following topics:

  • Beliefs and values of two different religions
  • Matters of Life and Death
  • The Philosophy of Religion/Burden of Proof
  • Personal Tragedy

Mrs C Taylor

Lead Teacher