Year 9 Choices


PE course will follow the EDEXCEL syllabus. Students are expected to take part in sporting activities outside of normal school hours; this will be as part of a school teams or clubs at Thorns and with external providers on an evening/weekend. The more practical experiences students can be involved in on a weekly basis the better.

The course is broken down into 4 elements:

1 – Exam 1: 36% of overall grade – 1 hour 45 minutes. Based on the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Topic 2: Movement analysis
  • Topic 3: Physical training
  • Topic 4: Use of data


2 – Exam 2: 24% of overall grade – 1 hour 15 minutes. Based on the following topics: -Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being

  • Topic 2: Sport psychology
  • Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences
  • Topic 4: Use of data


3 – Practical 30% of the overall grade. Students will be assessed in one team activity, one individual activity and one activity of their choice, either a team or individual activity. Each assessment is out of 30 marks. Initially pupils will be assessed by Thorns PE staff, these grades will then be moderated by an external examiner.

Sports available include:
Individual: Amateur boxing, Athletics, Badminton, Canoeing, Cycling Track or road cycling, Dance, Diving, Golf, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Kayaking, Rock climbing, Rowing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Squash, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Trampolining
Team Sports: Association football, Badminton, Basketball, Camogie, Cricket, Dance, Gaelic football, Handball, Hockey, Hurling, Lacrosse, Netball, Rowing, Rugby league, Rugby union, Squash, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball

*There are restrictions with certain selections such as you can not select singles Badminton and doubles Badminton, you can only be assessed in track or field for athletics and not both. Many restrictions apply, if in doubt please ask.

4 – Written Coursework – Personal Exercise Programme 10% of overall grade (1500 word essay).

Is there any homework/controlled assessments?
Students are currently set regular home work tasks via the SAM learning platform and class sites.
Students are continually assessed during every core PE lesson towards their practical
grades. There will be theory based internal assessments, approximately every half term, to monitor pupil’s progress towards their target grade.

Course structure.
Students will have 2 or 3 GCSE PE lessons and 1 core PE lessons per week. The GCSE PE lessons will be entirely theoretical within a classroom. The core PE lesson will be practical. Students have been given an opportunity to experience 4 weeks of GCSE PE theory lessons in Core PE during February 2020. All students selecting GCSE PE should have completed these taster sessions in order to get a idea of the theory content.

  • All students in Years 10 and 11 participate in Physical Education lessons (1 lesson per week).
  • Students cover a range of activities from outwitting opponents, accurate replication 
and performing at maximum levels.
  • Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge with new and familiar activities.
  • Within activities students decide on the roles that are best suited to them, including roles of; Performer, Coach, Choreographer, Leader and Official.

*Key Stage 4 Core P.E is aimed at enjoyment and lifelong interest.

Sports Leaders Award, Level 1
Students will be given the opportunity to follow a leadership award through the Sports Leaders Award, Level 1.This award is part of the British Sports Trust Young Leaders Award Scheme.

This award provides the ideal starting point for young people aged between 14 and 16 who wish to begin developing their sports leadership skills.

Students who complete and pass the Sports Leaders Award will receive a nationally recognised certificate for the leadership qualifications obtained. These can be included in their Progress File and the Sports Leaders Award carries points towards GCSE results