Acting – BTEC

Year 9 Choices

Acting - BTEC

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts – Level 1/Level 2

The course is mainly practical but will require accompanying written work throughout to provide evidence of the practical work you have completed. This will include keeping an ‘Actors Journal’ throughout the entire course.

Why choose BTEC Acting?
  • This course is practically based so students will be required to perform. The course would suit students who enjoy acting and performing and would like to further their skills in this area. Many colleges now offer BTEC at higher levels and completing in Year 10 and 11 will ease the transition into this way of working.
  • Students must be willing to be involved in acting and performing in and out of lessons and must be willing to attend at least one live theatre performance.

The BTEC Acting course offers a scheme of continuous assessments throughout the two years and consists of three core units which are listed below;

Component 1: Explore

Students explore the processes used to create a performance.

Internally assessed. 30%

This component will help you to understand the requirements of being an actor across a range of performances and disciplines. You will develop your understanding of the Performing Arts industry by examining practitioners’ work and the processes used to create performance. Students will need to compare and contrast various acting styles through practical workshops and produce a written document or PowerPoint presentation summarising their findings

The students will study 3 professional works but be assessed on only one. This will be chosen based on the task sent from the exam board during the assessment period. Students will also be encouraged to attend a live theatre performance during their studies. 

Component 2: Develop

Students develop performance skills and techniques by reproducing existing performance.

Internally assessed. 30%

In this component, you will develop performance skills and techniques.

You will take part in workshops and classes where you will develop technical, practical and interpretative skills through the rehearsal and performance process. It involves students focusing on professional works and productions.

During this component students will keep a diary of their improvements through rehearsal, and finish with a live performance. It is possible for students to specialise in design for this unit, for example costume, set, lighting, sound or stage make-up.

Component 3: Apply

Students pull together all they have learned and apply their knowledge in a performance.

Externally assessed. 40%

BTEC will release a brief and students will then have an allocated amount of time to create an original piece of performance based on the theme. Working as part of a group, you will develop your ideas for a workshop performance and apply your skills and techniques to communicate your creative intentions to your audience.

It is possible for students to specialise in design for this unit, for example costume, set, lighting, sound or stage make-up.

How will I be assessed?

  • Through many different methods, these will include recorded performance, evaluation sheets and recorded logs throughout the various components.
  • Each component has at least one assignment brief that will track the learning aims of each project, how they will be taught and how they will be assessed.
  • It is also an expected requirement that BTEC students participate regularly in College performances and productions.