Principal’s welcome

The Academy

Welcome to Thorns Collegiate Academy. At our heart, we are about sharing the spirit of education. From the moment that I first visited Thorns, the warmth and energy of the staff and students impressed me. That spirit is what makes the Academy unique. We see it in the small moments – individual successes in the classroom – as well as the big moments – whole school concerts, sporting fixtures and assemblies.

As parents, you entrust your children to us , and we will support them, warmly and with high standards, to be the best that they can be. I personally look forward to the coming months as we continue our journey of improvement. We regard it as a privilege to serve the local community and we look forward to working with you over the coming months and years to secure the best possible outcomes for your children.

Ms Nikki Jones, Acting Principal

Principal's Vision

I believe that all students should come to a school where they feel happy, safe, valued and where they can fulfil their potential.  All of our students will be ambitious for themselves and will develop an awareness of their own physical and mental health and well-being.  Our students will want to be involved in all aspects of academy life and have a sense of pride within our extended school community.  All students should have a belief that they can and will improve their skills, knowledge, abilities and opportunities through dedication, commitment and hard work.  Our staff will equip our students with the knowledge and cultural capital in order to succeed in their future endeavours.  All students will be thoroughly prepared for life after school so that they become lifelong learners and can achieve economic wellbeing for themselves and their families.