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Personal Development


We work alongside other professional bodies and agencies to ensure that our students are safe from harm.

The objectives are that:

  • Students are encouraged to adopt and live out our Core Values. These complement the key “British Values” of tolerance, respect, understanding, compassion and harmonious living.
  • Students are helped to understand the importance of democracy and freedom of speech, through the SEAL (Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning) assemblies and through Student Voice members.
  • Students are taught how to keep themselves safe, in school and when using the internet.
  • Students participate in local community events so that they appreciate and value their neighbours and friends who may not share their faith background.
  • Students’ wellbeing, confidence and resilience is promoted through our planned curriculum, focus days out of hours learning opportunities.
  • Students are supported in making good choices from a young age, so they understand the impact and consequences of their actions on others.
  • Trustees, Governors, teachers, teaching assistants and non-teaching staff demonstrate an understanding of what radicalisation and extremism are and why we need to be vigilant in school.
  • Through training day opportunities in school, we will ensure that our staff are fully aware of the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that are linked to radicalisation; are aware of the process of radicalisation and how this might be identified early on.
  • The Trust has a full time Safeguarding Manager who is able to facilitate the delivery of the Home Office Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent. This is a 45-minute briefing and will include specific details of referrals locally.
  • All SPC members and Trustees have and will receive WRAP training.
  • All staff have opportunities to collaborate with senior members of staff, as each Year group has an attached teacher to allow for small group discussions. Professional development sessions are made available to staff as well as yearly training on INSET days.

Our Programme of Study for PSHE education aims to develop skills and attributes such as resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, teamworking and critical thinking in the context of learning grouped into three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education).

Issues of inclusion are at the heart of competency education. Competency education strengthens personalised learning with a transparent structure that enables greater systemic and personal accountability, as well as continuous improvement.

The L4L curriculum has several strong embedded themes which focus on PSHE. For example, the first theme in the curriculum, Citizen Me, uses family history projects, religious festival sharing and opportunities to create class conduct rules as an opportunity to bring together disparate communities in shared values of tolerance. Projects like this have students and families work together, learn about each other’s customs, beliefs and ideas and respect each other’s views.

Each year group has at least one unit that allows students to broaden their aspirations and build social awareness skills. Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that students need to be educated citizens and what is needed to prepare them for future success. Our units have also been designed to support the study of English. For example, in Year 9 students will complete the unit ‘speeches and quotes that defined the world’ shortly before they undertake their Power and Rhetoric unit within their English study.

This year we are required to teach the new national policy on Relationships and Sex Education. This is a much-expanded set of lessons which covers all aspects of positive relationships, safety in relationships, health, different types of families, consent, e-safety and other items informing students of criminal offences such as FGM and forced marriage.

The Trust has now published the policy, which has been altered based on feedback from the consultation a few months ago and we thank you for your comments. You can find the policy here which includes the topics taught year by year. There are a very limited number of areas that can be opted out of in the new framework and you can find more information in the policy.

Session 1 programme and what students will be covering and when can be found here:

Personal Development Overview

Form Timetable

Personal development delivery has been created for students to build on their literacy skills and there are strong connected curriculum links that middle leaders have contributed to.