The Academy

The Academy

At any moment, across all 900 students and 60 staff at the Academy, countless moments, small and large, show the spirit that drives us towards excellence. Imagine the joy a Year 7 feels, getting to grips with a new language. Imagine the triumph a Year 11 student feels, turning in a piece of creative writing better than they ever dreamed they could.

A scroll through our Facebook feed, or a visit to a concert, or a tour of the school shows our spirit. This is a school with education and progress at its heart. We have capitalised on the strength of our Shireland sponsors. Students have seized their new opportunities. Thorns is an altogether better place to learn.

If you would like further information on our school’s performance, please visit the DfE school performance tables website here. 

Our vision and values:

  • We take the best of traditional education – strong teaching, rich academic knowledge and a caring Form Tutor system.
  • We add in the best parts of cutting edge technology – our links to Shireland, the L4L curriculum, our Trust links to Microsoft, and continued investment in making our school a leading place for technology.
  • We weave in caring staff and a pastoral system that nurtures students and guides them to a successful future.