Minecraft – Educational Edition

Parents and Carers

Enginuity have created a virtual world to discover and attract future engineers within Minecraft and it is free to play (Education edition) or with a Minecraft licence on PC/ Mac/ iOS and Android!

The game, set in an electric car showroom and factory, assesses players aptitude for a whole raft of skills – from observation and assessment, resilience, digital competency, problem-solving and critical reasoning. It enables your pupils to show their talents via a non-academic route that is fun, challenging and safe.

Brought forward from a planned summer release, it allows thousands of people in lockdown to have fun – and find out if they’ve got what it takes to transit from the virtual to the real world workplace in engineering.

Minecraft, one of the biggest games in the world, attracts up to 100 million players a month across web, mobile and console versions. Minecraft is also incredibly popular across both genders, which means Skills Miner can be used to attract more females into the engineering sector too!

With so many engaged players from across the world, in such a creative game, the Enginuity Innovation Lab looked at how they could utilise the game’s attributes to showcase engineering to individuals. And in particular, those that may not realise that their building, problem-solving and creative skills could be well suited to the engineering sector.

Skills Minor Gameplay

Enginuity is committed to looking beyond the traditional methods of attracting new talent into engineering. The UK’s engineering industry is facing a skills shortage of unprecedented levels, to tackle this shortage, 60,000 new people need to join the sector every year until 2024.

Today’s release is only the first phase for the game. Within the coming months, new features will be added in the second and third phase plans. These include a National competition with career-boosting rewards and prizes.

David Ivell, Enginuity’s Chief Innovation Officer explains: “The prize for us is getting young people into employment, onto an apprentice programme or giving them a clear direction.