BMS (Behaviour Management Services)

The Academy

At Thorns, exceptionally high expectations of behaviour are driven by the non-teaching BMS (Behaviour Management Services) Team, which is led by the Senior Assistant Principal, Mr Nick Spark. Our approach is driven by the following core principles:

  • We have very high expectations of all our students. They know and appreciate that the outstanding curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities they receive at Thorns are dependent on them consistently meeting our expectations. 
  • Teachers need to be able to teach free of disruption in order to maximise students’ learning.
  • Our staff should endeavour to build excellent professional relationships with all our students and their families to support their academic and holistic development. 

The BMS Team supports outstanding behaviour across the academy in the following key areas:

  • If a member of teaching staff feels that a student is continually disrupting learning, the BMS will remove this student and remand them to the seclusion (isolation) area immediately. 
  • The investigation of any incidents, inside or outside lessons, sanctions and contact with families for all pupils via the Edulink app is carried through by BMS. Where appropriate. the team will look to follow this notification up with a call or request for a parental meeting.
  • Allegations of bullying or serious misconduct will result in an immediate referral to the seclusion are by the BMS. This enables staff to thoroughly investigate such incidents while ensuring the good order of the wider academy. 
  • The BMS Team, alongside the Senior Leadership Team, lead on duty at the start and end of the school day. 
  • The BMS Team complete a range of targeted intervention work with those students struggling to meet expectations while looking to address the root causes of this and working collaboratively with families, teachers and other professionals to secure change.
  • All students know and understand that as the BMS Team are non-teaching, and they can always draw on support where required.
  • The BMS Team work collaboratively with other strands of pastoral care and inclusion across the Academy. This approach ensures that behaviour is never viewed in isolation and that solutions are actively sought to support children and their families who are consistently failing to meet expectations. 
  • Serious challenges to the Academy code of conduct are dealt with swiftly and decisively by the team.   
The BMS’s approach guarantees consistency for all stakeholders and is a key contributing factor to the superb behaviour and attitudes our students routinely display. 

Meet The Behaviour Management Services Team

Mr Nick Spark

Senior Assistant Principal - Inclusion, Behaviour and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Neil Mountfield

Seclusion (Isolation) Manager

Mrs Claire Hill

Deputy Officer

Miss Willow Barton

Pastoral Manager for KS3
Lead for Year 9

Mrs Karen Fullwood

Director of BMS Operations and KS4 Lead
Lead for Year 10/11

Miss Jo Baker

Pastoral Manager