Business Studies


Business Studies is a Key Stage 4 subject that students have the choice to study in Year 10 and 11.

At year 10 Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Business 9-1 qualification. The qualification is split into two externally examined Themes. Theme 1: Investigating small business, to be studied during year 10 and Theme 2: Building a business, to be studied during year 11. The examination allows students to demonstrate their ability to recall, explain ,analyse, justify and evaluate they key concepts that are explored during the two years of study.

Business education has the capacity to open several doors to our students. The programmes of study on offer all give students the opportunity to progress onto apprenticeships, Post-16 study and then onto university.

Thorns Business Department work closely with businesses within the West Midlands. We really appreciate their generosity of time and support given to our students. They are an invaluable resource in helping students experience the world of work outside the classroom and help them apply their knowledge to real life business scenarios in the local community. I am grateful for the support offered by a significant number of local businesses including BFM Europe, Neil’s Autos, Pak Continental, Millstream Pharmacy, Gold Star Tuition and 3rd Draw Down.

Business is an exciting and demanding subject that requires students to possess a strong work ethic as they embark on new challenges. We are positively recruiting ‘girls’ into our Business department to reflect the national shortage of Women in business and encourage our girls in realising their entrepreneurial and leadership qualities.

Mr C Pickering

Head of Business Studies