You will begin your music journey assessing your current skills and what musical path you are most interested in. Are you a performer, composer or a producer? You will take part in class workshops in all areas to understand all the areas.

You will continue on the course discovering a variety of styles of music, their musical features and how to perform, compose and produce in them. You will also learn how to share music across all three disciplines. You will create your own development pathway as a musician devising your own targets and documenting your improvement.

Finally you will create your own assessed piece in your chosen area as a performer, composer or producer.

The course is a mix of both practical and written. You need to be willing to learn as a class and independently.

*Either RSL or BTEC course will be selected based on the suitability of the cohort.

  • Where can Music lead to?

    Studying Music can lead to a career in the UK’s vibrant music industry, where there is a variety of job roles, either on stage or behind the scenes.

    Crucially, by studying Music students learn key skills that are vital for any career – especially creativity and communication, which are stated time and time again as key traits that employers in every industry are looking for.

    There is a wide variety of careers in the UK’s Music Industry, not all to do with performing. These include:​

    • Music Performer​
    • Session Musician
    • Music Producer
    • Studio Engineer
    • Sound Technician
    • Music Teacher
    • Songwriter
    • Composer (e.g. Film or Computer Games)
    • Music Therapist
    • Music Journalist
    • Broadcaster
    • Promotions/Marketing
    • A&R Representative
  • How will I be assessed?

    The curse is 100% coursework based so there is no written exam.

    Some units are assessed by your teachers, and your final unit is carried out under Controlled Conditions and sent to the exam board for assessment.

  • What skills are required?

    Students picking Music need to have a passion for the subject and a desire to learn more about it.

    Students must have basic skills on at least one instrument (including vocals) as well as the willingness to practice daily to improve their skills.

    For those going on to choose the Performance pathway, students must be willing to perform to an audience.

    For those going on to choose the Technology and Composition pathway, students must have good ICT skills.

    All students must have good standards of literacy.