More able

Parents and Carers

At Thorns, our aim is to raise the profile of most able and high attainers, monitor progress and promote a culture of success across the College.

Each subject has criteria that students should aim to meet. If a student meets or exceeds the teacher’s expectations they are then identified as being most able and a high attainer in that subject. Students are then placed on a register where their progress can be monitored each term. Each term most able and high attainer students are expected to make at least one sub-level progress and achieve or exceed the end of year target level.

Most able and high attainer students have the opportunity to attend extra curricular clubs in many subjects. This allows them to improve and broaden their skills, complete outstanding work and showcase their talents to staff and their peers.

To reward our students, they are then awarded a most able and high attainer badge that they can wear with pride. Throughout the year there are also exciting opportunities for our most able and high attainer students to get involved in. Previous trips have involved a tour around Cambridge University, Workshops at Keele University, Progression conferences at King Edwards VI College and Creative writing competitions. There will be many more exciting opportunities being offered to our students this year.

Most able and high attainers– refers to students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, significantly above average (compared with other students in their year group) in one of the national curriculum subjects other than Art, Performing Arts or Physical Education.

Talented – refers to students who have the ability to achieve, significantly above average in Art, performing arts and Physical Education.

NOTE – this means that an individual student can be both Gifted and Talented.