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PC Rob Pedley MBE discusses Knife Crime with Year 10 & 11

Today we welcome PC Rob Pedley to Thorns to discuss a wide range of topics with our Year 10 & 11 students.

Knife crime, and its consequences, features heavily in the session, as Rob aims to highlight that life changing moments are often the result of a series of small, and seemingly insignificant decisions.

We’d like to thank Rob for sharing his knowledge and experience with us today.

Here are some quotes from students regarding the session:

“His assembly really inspired me and told me to live and love my life. He told us that you don’t need a knife to protect yourself, you need your confidence to walk away and tell someone”
– Kieran

“It was factual and explored the ideas of knife crime and life choices”
– Dylan

“I was touched by Rob Pedley’s story. I like how he told us how to be positive and was brave enough to share his own story”
– Paige

“He (Rob) really made me realise how important my life is and how it can be changed so quickly. He was really inspirational and the things he has been through shocked me because of how strong he is now”
– Alicia

“The talk from Rob Pedley was really interesting as it showed how much of an impact some of our choices can have”
– Elijah