Art & Design

Year 9 Choices

Art & Design

This GCSE course builds on skills already acquired in lower school and introduces many new and exciting ones. A genuine interest in the subject is essential as students will carry out some independent projects. Creativity is a must! We have three classrooms and the Mac suite breakout area which creates a great working atmosphere for students to access the course fully.

Students will produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more area(s) including drawing and painting, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, photography, Photoshop and Illustrator. They will also develop their work through artist research and experimenting with their own ideas.

They will be introduced to a variety of experiences employing a range of media, processes and techniques appropriate to the chosen areas of study. Knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design should be developed through research, the development of ideas and making activities, working from first-hand experience and, where appropriate, secondary source materials.

We offer the AQA GCSE in Art & Design. This consists of at least two controlled assessments (coursework) and a set task which is carried out under exam conditions.

Unit 1: Portfolio of Work

  • Controlled Assessment – set and marked by centre and moderated by AQA. 
 96 marks – 60%
  • Students will create a portfolio selected from work undertaken during course of study which must include more than one project.


Unit 2: Externally Set Task

  • Question papers issued from 1 January.
    Marked by centre and moderated by AQA.
    96 marks – 40%
  • Unlimited preparation time.
    10 hours of sustained focused study.
    Students will respond to their chosen starting point.

If students feel they have strengths in Graphic Communication or 3D Sculptural work we will offer them the opportunity to produce work in this way and gain the relevant qualification.

Please feel free to discuss any issues with us and we can show examples of past work