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Ofsted Praises Thorns Collegiate Academy For ‘Improved’ Progress 

‘Thorns Collegiate Academy has improved’ according to Ofsted and praised for the swift changes implemented leading up to its latest inspection on the 12 and 13 March 2024. As a result, the Academy is no longer considered to be in special measures by Ofsted. 

The Academy was also delighted to receive good ratings in the categories of personal development and leadership and management, marking its first such achievement in over eight years since the school was initially rated inadequate as Thorns Community College.  

The report highlights many positive changes since Ofsted’s last visit in February 2022, which the school continues to diligently build on.   

School leadership was praised for its ‘unrelenting’ approach to improvement and progress, where they continue to take the ‘right steps, in the right order at the right time’, with its capacity to enact change and directly address areas of weakness going ‘beyond simply refining existing plans’.  

This has also seen students rising to the challenges set by staff, responding positively to new initiatives and becoming ‘increasingly proud of their school’. As well as demonstrating improved behaviour and attitudes towards learning, students are actively participating more in ‘wider school life’ and embracing the ethos of the Academy.  

The quality of education continues to improve, with staff delivering a ‘broad, balanced and innovative curriculum’. Inspectors also praised the school’s commitment to fostering a ‘truly inclusive’ culture, which regularly celebrates student success while continuing to uphold its high standards.  

While acknowledging that much work remains to be done, Academy leaders and staff remain steadfast in their commitment to continuous improvement, fostering an ethos of collective responsibility where ‘everyone is in it together’ for the benefit of students.  

Nikki Jones, Acting Principal at Thorns Collegiate Academy, said: “We are thrilled that all our hard work and efforts as a school community have been acknowledged by Ofsted. We are especially proud to have achieved a good rating in two key areas, which marks a significant milestone in the Academy’s journey towards achieving excellence. 

“This recognition reflects the tireless efforts of our staff to provide our students and the local community which we proudly serve with the very best, high-quality education they deserve. It’s a testament of our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring every student gets the best possible start in life.” 

Sir Mark Grundy, CEO of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, said: “We are very pleased with the positive outcomes following Ofsted’s recent monitoring visit at Thorns Collegiate Academy, which is a valued member of our educational family. 

“It’s a reflection of the significant progress and transformation the Academy has undergone in such a short space of time, and we eagerly await its next inspection with the expectation that it will continue to mirror the ongoing dedication and progress being made by Thorns’ leadership and staff.”