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Music Lessons – from November 2021

There are a variety of musical instruments your child can learn at Thorns Collegiate Academy in our next block of lessons beginning after half term from Monday 1st November. Instruments we offer are;

Provided by Thorns:

  • Drum kit*
  • Brass (trumpet, cornet, French horn,
  • tuba*, trombone*)
  • Keyboard
  • Clarinet
  • Voice *=one to one only

Provided by Dudley Performing Arts:

  • Guitar (electric, acoustic, bass, ukulele) • Woodwind (flute, saxophone, oboe, bassoon)
  • Violin, viola, cello, double bass.
  • Others upon request

Lessons provided by Thorns:

Lessons will be held for 20 minutes each week on a rotating basis, so your child does not miss the same lesson regularly. They will be issued with a timetable which will act as an instrument pass to allow them to leave their lesson and attend instrumental teaching as well as access the music department to practice.

We have a small number of instruments to loan to students (except drum kit and keyboard) to support the initial learning, but individual purchase is encouraged. This can be done online or in person at instrument shops. also provides financial support in purchasing an instrument.

Lessons must be paid through ParentPay and charged at a rate of £12 per one-to-one lesson or £6 for a group lesson (3 max). I ask you to commit to the first three lessons (£36) to be paid by Thursday 4th November to secure your child’s place with the further balance to be paid by Thursday 25th November. This can be paid in instalments. This is non-refundable if your child chooses not to attend a lesson or stop attending completely at any point in the block. Failure to pay the full balance on time may result in your child not receiving lessons next term. A missed lesson by the teacher will be recuperated at the end of the block. Lessons will commence from Monday 1st November. This will appear as a one-to-one lesson to begin with until there are students to group them with and amount owed will drop. Any excess payment will be refunded upon request, or you can choose to use for the next block of 6.

Please complete THIS FORM before Wednesday 20th October. This confirms your child’s place and will immediately allocate time for your child’s lesson. The payment amount will then be added to your ParentPay account for you to fulfil. If your child wishes to learn more than one instrument, please complete another form. If your child learned an instrument last half term you must complete the form again to allocate time.

Lessons provided by Dudley Performing Arts (DPA):

To sign up for these instruments please follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Teacher, lesson time and payment are all handled by DPA. You will be able to contact the teacher following sign up.

If you have any questions about either instrument lesson options please email: