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English Homework Project

In the Autumn term, students in Year 8, 9 and 10 completed their first English Homework Project of the year, using their initiative to complete any eight of the sixteen suggested tasks. All students have completed their projects and have been rewarded with E-praise points depending upon their overall grade: Standard, Competent, Exemplary, Elite. Here are examples of the ‘Elite’ projects, which have earned students 35 E-praise points and a £5 Amazon voucher.

A massive well done to our ‘Elite’ students: Lucy Basson, Lily Jones, Ben Etherington, Corey Bagley, Luna Andrade Spencer, Brianna Smart, Chloe Williams and Charlotte Smith (all Year 10), and Menahill Ahmed (Year 9). Check out Menahill’s amazing popup book, Chloe’s brilliant bookmarks, and Lily’s Lego Macbeth!

We’re excited to see what they can do this term.