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Student Rewards

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who achieved outstanding attendance last academic year. Each student has been rewarded with a certificate and a £10 shopping voucher. It’s a wonderful achievement and something to aspire to again this year. Owen Ashman 10D, Aden Brookes 10C, Tyler Cadman 10B, Megan Croad 10D, Kirsty Horsley 10F, Kieran Guest 10G, Amie Stevens 10A, Jake Thompson 10E and James Tromans 10G.
We are also celebrating Year 10’s first two Stars Of The Week (Head of Year) in recognition of effort and/or contribution outside of the academic classroom. Well done to Harley Wright 10E and John Sparry 10G.

Year 9 had their rewards assembly this week, in which students were rewarded for 100% Attendance for the previous academic year (September 2018-July 2019).

Students received a certificate and a £10 Love To Shop gift voucher.

We look forward to rewarding more students throughout the year for Positive Attitude To Learning in all subject areas and 95-100% Attendance. Well Done Year 9!