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MP ‘Question Time’ event

On Friday, a group of our Year 9 students welcomed Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb to Thorns for a ‘Question Time’ event. Ms Webb had written to the students last term about war hero Walter Tull and upon being very impressed with their letters, offered to arrange a Q&A session at the academy. Our students did not disappoint and posed some very challenging questions relating to MP expense scandals, national pay increases for NHS staff, a lack of provisions for teenagers, and how soon they can expect to be vaccinated against Covid. Suzanne Webb was attentive to the student’s questions and did not shy away from the key issues and topics raised by them. In fact, she frequently commented that the questions posed by our pupils were “excellent”. She was evidently engaged with our pupils which made for a very informative discussion. We remain indebted to Suzanne Webb for taking her time to be with us, for which we are extremely grateful.