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Key Stage 3 – Physical Education & School Sports Rewards

We’re pleased to announce and reward our latest KS3’s with their new Elite status for this year.
Elite students are personally selected for this Physical Education & School Sports Reward based on their sporting aptitude, integrity and commitment to sports inside and outside of school.

Congratulations to the following students on joining the Elite programme:

Year 8

Lail Cartwright
Maddox Homer
Cammeron Edwards-Coldrick
Andrew Ciuperca
Leah Davies
Finley Alexander
Kacey Evans
Bayley Crofts
Jack Smart
Year 9
Cameron Levy
Lily Beazley
Kayley Tyler-Crisp
Archi Crannage
Crysta Loverage
Alfie Campbell
Kian Rogers
Malachie Wheeler
Armajit Kaur
Leah Evans

Joshua Dunn