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Founder of Smile Education Katy Rees Inspires Secondary Students

Thorns Collegiate Academy welcomed Katy Rees, Founder and Managing Director of education recruitment agency, Smile Education, in celebration of International Women’s Day and National Careers Week.

The guest speaker session provided students with invaluable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and career development.

During the session, Rees shared the lessons and insights gained throughout her personal journey. Beginning with her experiences in education and getting into university, Rees then turned to starting her career in IT before venturing into entrepreneurship and establishing her own company.

From humble beginnings to driving the helm of her own business, Rees’s story deeply resonated with students, which served as a testament to the power of perseverance in finding our own path and pursuing it fearlessly.

The highlight of the event was the Q&A session, where students eagerly posed thought-provoking questions to Rees, ranging from career choices and entrepreneurship to discovering future pathways. With candid anecdotes and practical advice, Rees left no stone unturned in her answers.   

Katy Rees, Founder of Smile Education, said: “International women’s day is such an important time to recognise women who inspire us and celebrate their many achievements.

“It was my pleasure to share my story and those of women I find motivational with students at Thorns Collegiate Academy, I particularly enjoyed the very insightful questions the students had for me!”

At the session’s conclusion, students left feeling empowered and motivated, equipped with the newfound knowledge and determination to chart their own paths.

Rees’s visit not only marked a wonderful occasion for Thorn Collegiate Academy in celebrating careers and inspirational women in the professional landscape. It also marked the Academy’s commitment to nurturing the future leaders and changemakers of society.