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Changes: 7th June 2017

Welcome to my first blog on the great changes happening at Thorns Community College. I have now completed my first half term as Associate Principal, which I have enjoyed immensely. Staff, students and parents have given such a warm and friendly reception and I’ve met many students with a really positive attitude towards school life and learning.

This is a school on the move, and we have already made a lot of changes, on which I’ll be keeping you updated. First up is our new Behaviour Management Services (BMS). This new strategy will transform how behaviour for learning is managed. Positive classroom behaviour allows children to work well, make good progress and be happy in their lessons.

So what’s different? We’ve renovated an area of the school to create a new facility for students. Behaviour will be monitored and sanctions put in place by the following staff:

  • Miss Lewis – Assistant Principal (Behaviour and Safeguarding)
  • Mrs Fullwood – Inclusion Manager
  • Mrs Timmis – Senior Behaviour Worker
  • Mrs Bradley – Behaviour Worker (current Year 7 and next year’s Year 7)
  • Miss Smith – Behaviour worker (current Year 8)
  • Mrs Darcy – Behaviour Worker (current Year 9)
  • Mr Lewis – Behaviour Worker (current Year 10)

Teaching Heads of Year will continue to lead each year group and your child’s Form Teacher should always be the first point of contact if you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing.

A successful behaviour management system keeps students on track with their learning and maintains a happy school environment for all.