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Unleashing creativity: Year 11 students experience magic at the Harry Potter studios

Our year 11 Creative Media Production students had an amazing opportunity to visit the world-renowned Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour in London as part of their coursework exploring media products.

During their visit, students were able to delve into the audio and moving image sector, where they had the chance to learn about the wide variety of media production techniques used in the Harry Potter films.

From camera work to Mise en Scene, lighting, sound and even the use of costume design, hair, make-up, props and settings, our students gained a unique insight into the world of media production.

The visit included a tour of the iconic Harry Potter sets such as Diagon Alley, the vaults of Gringotts Bank, the Knight Bus and the Dursley’s home. They even had an interactive walk through the Forbidden Forest where they could engage and interact with mechanical creatures!

But the highlight of the trip was when students participated in a green screen experience, where they got to appear on screen playing the famous wizarding sport, Quidditch.

Our students had an amazing time and left the studio feeling inspired and thrilled with their experience. Even those who were not fans of Harry Potter before the trip certainly became fans after! They caught a glimpse of the many career opportunities available within the creative media industries and saw first-hand the incredible amount of work that goes behind the scenes to make films like Harry Potter.

Overall, it was an unforgettable and valuable experience for our students, and we hope to provide more exciting trips like this in the future.