National Writing Day – 24th June 2020

✍️  The English department invite you to take part in National Writing Day.
🤔  Look at the various options below and choose the one that appeals.
💻  The First Story website has lots of prompts, ideas and activities to inspire your writing, as well as tutorials from a number of writers.
❓  Why not take part in the #247Challenge? Write a 24 word story. Intended as a moment of unity, freedom and fun, this is a chance for everyone to express themselves.
🥇🥈  Prizes for the winner and runners-up in each Year group.
⏳  Deadline for entries – Friday, 3rd July, 2020.
📧  Email your entries to Mr Avis –

    Aim: To write a letter or postcard to a family member or friend who may be feeling lonely and isolated right now.   You can’t always see loneliness. You can always write. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking you to write to a family member or friend who is unable to see their loved ones. This may be someone you know that is in hospital or living in a care home.

    Just one letter can make a difference to a day, to a week, to a month – to a person. It is more important now than ever that we remind the people we care about that we are thinking of them.

    No one should feel forgotten. So let’s write. Together.


    Football as a gateway into the imagination


    Aim: Engage with contemporary issues on a personal level and within your writing. 


    Think of ten things you see when coming home, e.g. ‘a green front door’, ‘the hook where you leave your keys’, or ‘the smell of onions frying’.   

    Exercise:   Write a poem about ‘Coming Home’ that is in the second person and lists all the things you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste when coming home. For example, ‘You are the green front door, you are the hook where I leave my keys, you are the smell of onions frying…

  • Create your own stories

    For young people taking part in National Writing Day 2020, we’ve pulled together a collection of story writing prompts and tips.

    Want to focus on setting? Perhaps you’re stuck on dialogue? Are you looking for inspiration, or need to break out of a spot of writer’s block? Pick up your pen and try out something new with our mix-and-match writing prompts. The only rule is to create the stories that you want to write!

  • Finding your voice: Writing from your own experience

    This activity will support you in finding a voice and something to say as a writer. 

    Sometimes, the writing you have to do for school assignments doesn’t allow you to write from your own perspective, or allow you to write about things that are important and relevant to you, in the way you want to say them. 

    The writing you’ll do here is all about your direct experience – of being a young person in a secondary school environment.

  • #247challenge

    As we emerge from lockdown, the power of words to give voice and agency to our stories couldn’t be more pertinent. 

    This National Writing Day we’re launching the simple writing call to action: the #247challenge. The challenge is intended as a moment of unity, of freedom and – most importantly – of fun where students, teachers – and anyone who wants to be involved – can enjoy writing together and take a moment to express themselves.

    1. Write a 24-word story on a piece of paper starting with ‘One day…’
    2. Take a photo of your story or take a photo of yourself with your writing
    3. Share your original pieces of writing via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using #247challenge.
    4. Tag three friends!