Exams, intervention and revision

Examination success unlocks the doors to many opportunities – work, further study or a combination of both. It is critical for students to develop independent habits. To support this, the Academy subscribes to a number of online resources which are linked below. We also offer regular revision sessions after school in our Session 6 programme.

Further information and regular updates will be linked as the year develops, particularly as Year 11 approach their mocks.

Intervention and Revision:

A variety of revision and support sessions are offered to our students which will help them fulfill their potential. We encourage all students and parents/guardians to liaise with staff in order to give students the best preparation possible for their exams.

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Year 11:

Year 10:

Year 11 GCSE Intervention Strategy
At Thorns Collegiate Academy, we are committed to enabling your child to achieve the best outcomes possible. Here is an outline of the plans to be implemented over the course of the year to ensure that your child makes maximum progress.

Summary of actions taken so far:

• Students have completed assessments in September and followed these up with an in-depth analysis in class
• Changes have been made to form and registration period to allow a longer time for revision skills and learning
• A programme of lunchtime and after school revision and support has begun informally
• Students are being given support with college applications

Future actions to be taken immediately

(Note – not all actions apply to all students)
• Session 6 – compulsory, specific, targeted revision and study support from 3:15 – 4:15 (some subjects may require until later – to be confirmed)
◦ Students will receive a bespoke timetable for “Session 6”; this may consist of one or more sessions per week
◦ Their personalised plan has been created using a detailed analysis of their predicted grades and where we feel they may benefit from extra time and support within a subject
◦ They will be directed towards subjects in which they require extra support or extensions to ensure that excellent progress is made
◦ This could be for a short period of time to complete Controlled Assessments or for on-going revision until the examination period begins
◦ We will inform parents/carers of non-attendance to these sessions and issue consequences if no valid reasons are provided
• Student withdrawals from form groups in registration to provide an extra study support session in Maths
• Changes to Year 11 form groups to allow students to receive specialist subject support (where possible and necessary)
◦ For example: students who require additional support in English may be regrouped and placed with a form teacher from the English department
• PE intervention – some students may be directed to an extra subject session in Core PE time to ensure that good progress is made
• Mock Examinations will run from 5th – 14th December
◦ Please see the attached timetable
◦ These will provide vital preparation and experience for the GCSE examinations that will take place from the end of May 2018.
• English and Maths Mock Exams will take place in the week beginning 19th March 2018
◦ These will allow teachers to pin-point areas of strength and weakness to tailor further teaching and interventions
• Regular revision strategies shared via assemblies and in lessons, practised in form sessions
◦ Subject specific assemblies will cover exam technique, key content and strategies for memorising key information
• February, Easter and Whitsun Study Support
◦ Some subjects will request that students attend sessions in the holidays to improve Controlled Assessments or for intensive revision
• Student Portal
◦ A link to class sites containing revision resources designed and collated by our teachers
◦ A variety of subject-specific resources, online revision tools and support

Useful Online Revision Resources:

9 to 1 Grading System: