Careers Information

Students at Thorns are entitled to receive high quality Careers Education, Information and Guidance.

Thorns Collegiate Academy offers information that supports students in their choice of career and creates opportunities to experience many aspects of the world of work.

Education is about preparing our students for the world of work and at Thorns we aim to provide a comprehensive planned programme of careers education for all students in Years 7-11 and information, advice and guidance in partnership with the local authority and external providers/professionals. We are committed to ensuring our students leave Year 11 with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed and realistic decisions that have high aspirations.

Thorns follows the government’s new Careers Strategy (published January 2018) and aims to meet the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020 as per the guidance. Thorns is part of the Black Country Careers Hub and in this capacity we complete a regular Compass Audit tool to evaluate our impact. We work alongside the CEC to deliver quality careers education

We have a comprehensive careers education programme delivered in the Beliefs and Values curriculum for an hour a week. We also deliver Careers education through Focus Days through and we aim to have a wide range of delivery at these events. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in post 16 events with local colleges and apprenticeship providers.
  • Guess the jobs of local employers.
  • Work with graduates to find out what university is like and how it prepares for the world of work.
  • Take part in enterprise activities with local business support.
  • Complete an in depth study of a local business in Business Studies.

As well as these events, form tutors and Mrs O’Gorman support students in their college/apprenticeships applications. Mrs O’Gorman is available to answer queries in this area on