Academy uniform

We are maintaining a simple, yet strict uniform policy. Research shows that school uniform plays a critical role in contributing to the ethos of a school.  If students are dressed for success and look smart, it can instill a sense of pride, aspiration and can also support positive behaviour and discipline.

Uniform Expectations

The following items of uniform can be purchased from a wide range of high street shops and supermarkets:

  • Black shoes (plain black, polishable leather-type shoes, with no logos, colours, coloured laces or trims)
  • A black blazer (new Thorns badge will be provided for you free of charge no later than September)
  • Smart black trousers – (no jeans, jeggings, jean-style trousers or leggings) OR a plain black knee length or ankle length skirt
  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeves) – tucked in with top button fastened
  • Optional plain black V-neck jumper or long-sleeved cardigan
  • Plain black or white socks
  • Head scarves or salwar kameez, if worn, should be plain black.
  • A sensible, waterproof coat
  • Black academy tie with embroidered Thorns logo

The new blazer badge will be provided to you free of charge. We expect the badge to be sewn or attached securely to the blazer within the first two weeks of term (provided there are no delays from our supplier).

The new academy tie will be available to purchase from Thorns. We will inform you when it is available. It will be subsidised so you will be able to purchase it at a reduced cost. We expect all students to be wearing the new black academy tie.


  • Blazers are to be worn at all times (unless permission is granted by a member of staff to remove them)
  • No extreme hairstyles e.g. shaved patterns or bright colours
  • Trainers or boots are not permitted. Please refer to the photographs on our website and social media sites for further clarification regarding acceptable footwear
  • Only one ring is permitted
  • A maximum of one small stud per ear is permitted (maximum 5mm diameter)
  • Make-up, if worn, must be discrete
  • No facial piercings (one small nose stud is permitted)
  • No bright nail varnish/nail extensions
  • No wide fashion belts
  • No bracelets or necklaces
  • No baseball caps
  • Hoodies are not permitted (apart from Thorns PE hoodie which is only to be worn as required for PE lessons)

We believe that these clear guidelines and long notice period will enable all students to be in the correct uniform at the start of term in September.

If there is a uniform issue at any time during the year, please ensure that your child brings a note (to their Form Teacher) to explain the problem. The note should also explain when you expect the problem to be resolved. Students who arrive at school wearing incorrect uniform, without a valid reason, will be placed in BMS until the issue is resolved.

  • PE Kit

    All items of PE kit will be available from The Sports Shop, 790 High Street, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 8AA.

    Visit their website here.

    We will provide a comprehensive price list to you as soon as possible. We also appreciate that not all students will require new PE kit immediately. However, we would like all students to be wearing new PE kit with the new Thorns Collegiate Academy branding by September 2018 at the latest.

    Core PE kit – all year groups, compulsory items:

    • Hoodie  AWD Black hoodie with orange inner hood, ties etc.

    Student initials top left in teal, Thorns logo on right, Thorns logo on back

    • T-Shirt   AWD Cool t-shirt in black.

    Student initials top left in teal, Thorns logo on right.

    • Bottoms (minimum of one from)

    Mitre Prime shorts in black, student initials on left in teal

    Falcon skort in black, initials on front left

    • Socks   Stanno Black football socks
    • Optional: Falcon encore tracksuit bottom (slim leg), initials on front left

    AWD Athletic leggings in black, initials on front right, Thorns logo on right calf

    Important: Tracksuit bottoms or leggings will not be permitted for official fixtures. When students are representing Thorns Collegiate Academy they must wear the Thorns shorts or skort.

    Please note – all initials and logos will be included in the prices quoted. Initials must be stated at the time of ordering. There is likely to be approximately a three-week period between ordering and product availability. The Sports Shop can facilitate home or store delivery.

    GCSE PE Kit – for Year 10 and 11 students who have been accepted onto the GCSE PE course

    • Black Nike Park socks
    • Black Nike Park shorts
    • Red Nike Park jersey shirt with surname and number of choice
  • Equipment

    Compulsory Equipment

    All students must carry an appropriate school bag large enough to hold exercise books, a folder, a student planner and a well-equipped pencil case. (Student planner to be provided)

    A pencil case with the following:

    • Black and blue pens
    • Green pen (for responding to teacher feedback)
    • Pencils
    • Ruler
    • Rubber
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Scientific calculator
    • Mathematics geometry set (pair of compasses, protractor)

    Desirable Equipment

    • Pencil crayons or felt pens
    • Highlighter pens
    • Folder with dividers
    • French or German dictionary (when allocated either French or German lessons)