Literacy 4 Life (L4L)

Literacy 4 Life is a unique curriculum created for our Key Stage 3 students. It is taught through integrated themes and makes up the majority of the students’ curriculum. Our philosophy incorporates Competency-Based, Personalised and Flipped Learning. In order to facilitate accelerated learning, our curriculum uses technology to extend learning beyond the classroom.

L4L themes provide meaningful contexts in which students have the opportunity to achieve proficiency in a range of competencies. Central to this lies an emphasis on communication literacy taught in context. Each theme gives students the opportunity to acquire diverse skills required to be successful at Key Stage 4, and promotes social responsibility as well as personal reflection and growth.

Our students will face enormous challenges in the coming years, from an economy shaped by rapidly-advancing technologies, to the impact of globalisation. They need the strongest foundation of academic, technical, and problem-solving skills we can offer. The L4L curriculum aims to provide this through greater personalisation, ensuring that each and every student has the knowledge and skills to succeed.

  • Year 7

    Year 7 Themes

    September – Citizen Me

    October – Silent Movies

    November – Plants and Journeys

    December – Pantomime

    January – Fairy Tales

    February – Growing

    March – Going Green

    April – I Robot

    May – In Days of Old

    June – Water

    July – What If

  • Year 8

    September – Myths and Legends; Tragedy

    October – Journey to the centre of the Earth

    November – Pudding Lane; India

    December – Off with your head

    January – Migration; Da Vinci

    February – What If

    March – Please Sir; Freedom

    April – Freedom

    May – Grand Designs

    June – The Blitz; Coast

    July – 1970’s