The Dance Department are proud of the committed and dedicated dancers we have here already at Thorns and constantly strive to give any student the opportunity to pursue their interest in Dance. Our motto is ‘Dance – Believe – Achieve’ and we offer students the chance to develop their skills in a variety of different dance styles.

Dance is taught to all students at Key Stage 3 and is offered as a BTEC option in Years 10 and 11. Lessons are taught in our beautiful, purpose built dance studio which is a fantastic space for students to create and perform dances that showcase their talents.

The department prides itself in taking part in community events and hosts a show each year. Students will regularly have access to professional dance artists in a variety of styles and are given opportunities to attend live performances at the theatre.

The Dance Department offers a variety of weekly dance clubs; these encourage students to pursue their enjoyment of the subject further and aid the progression of their dance skills:

Overload – Year 7

Fusion – Year 8 & 9

NRG – More Able Dancers (Year 9-11)

Momentum – More Able Dancers (Year 7 & 8)

Fresh Vibez – Year 10 and 11 BTEC

  • Year 7

    Students explore the theme of being a secret agent spy! They will explore ‘contact work’ and will develop composition skills that stimulate imaginative thinking.

  • Year 8

    Students will explore one of the two units.

    Students will create a dance around the story of Romeo and Juliet which involves exploring the theme of the rivalry between the two families; The Montagues and The Capulets. The choreography will include small group and partner work and incorporates Capoeira and martial arts inspired movements.

    Alternatively, students will perform a variety of dance styles including Bollywood, Jive and Contemporary. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of key performance skills and explore various choreographic devices such as dynamics and formations.

  • Year 9

    Year 9 students work on a rotation/carousel basis alongside other Performing Arts subjects and are given the opportunity to complete a unit of work based on the Key Stage 4 Dance course. This will provide them an insight into what to expect if they select Dance as an option.

    In Dance, students will have master class workshops to learn the five main actions of Street Dance. They will also experience working in small groups to link phrases together to create a final performance piece.

    On their second rotation students will work in small groups on the theme ‘Dance Films’ which encourages them to create a dance inspired by a dance film of their own choice.

  • Year 10 and 11

    BTEC Dance

    The course starts at the beginning of Year 10. Students follow the Edexcel specification. The assessments include practical performances, written assignments and an exam across three units of work, one completed in Year 10 and two in Year 11. The practical assessments equate to roughly 70% of the qualification with the remaining 30% split between assignment and exam.

    Students will have the opportunity to develop their appreciation of the Art in more detail. This includes studying various professional dance works and researching key practitioner’s to aid their understanding of how the Dance industry has developed and changed over time.